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IRCImages is an automated website. We scan the Internet Relay Chat channels for topics that contain links to images. We then display thumbnails of those images on this site so we can view the images and comment on them.
The content that appears here is a live feed, presented to you without filters, for your review. While most of the images are harmless, many are gruesome, sexually explicit, racist, or otherwise objectionable. You may also see dozens of photos of Jason's RX-8 or SV650.
IRCImages is user moderated. Registration is free. Once you register you will have the ability to delete damaged or objectionable images and comments. While user moderation improves the quality of the IRCImages experience, abuse of this privilege is grounds for removal.
WARNING: IRCImages is NOT safe for work. It is NOT safe for children. We utilize metatag warnings so commercial filters will block our site.
IRCImages may not be safe for YOU. Enter only if you are prepared to be shocked.


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